we won't let our worries dictate who we are


I like hockey, liverpool football club, and a lot of dumb bands :)

"in the city that never sleeps, i never stop believing."
"with every mistake we must surely be learning"

DESTINY is Heart, Sacrifice, and Passion.
2007 Stanley Cup Champions.

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none of the gifs are mine

tumblr confession hours!!!!!! 

i want to be geordie gray

okay bye 

Tris doesn’t want to hold Brad’s fish tank. I’m amused

Wtf is this awesomeness tv show im too old for this

But omg Brad and his summer beach ball. So adorable


Tales from Gerrard: My Autobiography

Actually it helped. When Alex and I went out for our first date, she was dead shy, and so was I. But the moment she mentioned the text, we both opened up and laughed about it for five hours. It was a brilliant evening: good meal, few glasses of wine, and non-stop laughter. That was me hooked completely on Alex Curran. Of course, Danny went and told the lads about the text, and I got caned mercilessly. But I didn’t care. I was smitten.

Happy 24th Birthday, Jay Mcguiness.

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@JimmyKimmelLive: Backstage at #Kimmel. Tune in tonight 11:35|10:35c on ABC with @5SOS #5SOSKimmel

@JimmyKimmelLive: Backstage at #Kimmel. Tune in tonight 11:35|10:35c on ABC with @5SOS #5SOSKimmel

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Jay is the prankster of the group. Very dry, very quick-witted and pretty shy with the ladies. He’s a proper geek; he says really inappropriate things…” (x)

Happy 24th Birthday Jay McGuiness

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Happy 24th birthday, Jay McGuiness!

Happy 24th birthday, Jay McGuiness!


1990 - 2014

Happy Birthday Jay!